2012 Patient Survey

1. Are you an enrolled patient at DH?

100% Yes

2. Did you find making an appointment easy?

100% Yes

3. What could we have done better?

A few suggestions were made for online bookings

4. Did you find the staff helpful?

100% Yes

5. How can we improve?

No improvements suggested, all positive comments

6. Have you accessed our website?

23% Yes, 77% No

7. If yes, did you find it informative?

100% Yes

8. Would you like to see other information on our website? If so what are your suggestions?

Many of those who had not accessed our website were unaware we had one and were now going to check it out

Others suggested we advertise our website more. Our website is included in all of our adverts and appointment cards.

9. Are there other services you would like to see us offer at DH?

84% No, 26% Yes

10. What would you like to see?

More parking; baby change table; after hour services; and a more holisitic approach such as a naturopath


Since this survey took place we have installed a baby change table in the patient restroom.

Whilst more parking would be ideal, we do provide onsite parking with two disabled parks.

We have had two naturopaths try to establish themselves at DH. Unfortunately there was not enough demand for this service.

An online appointment system is not currently available with the current system. We recommend for those who wish to use online methods to email us at reception@durhamhealth.co.nz with appointment requests. We too hope this service will be available in the future.