2013 Patient Survey

Our 2013 Survey asked our patients what they thought about the following variables

1) Choice of appointment times

74% excellent, 26% Average

We would like to remind our patients that they can request to see the Dr of their choice when making an appointment, sometimes their requested Dr. is not available but we always offer an alternative and endeavour to fit them in at their chosen time.

2) Friendliness of reception staff

99% Excellent, 1% Average

3) Cleanliness of facilities

100% Excellent

4) Would you find it useful if the surgery stayed open until 7pm?

80% Yes, 20% No

Durham Health is now open two nights a week until 7pm.

5) Would you find it useful if the surgery opened on Saturday mornings?

90% Yes, 10% No

The management team is currently looking into providing this service option.

6) Would you recommend Durham Health to others?

100% Yes

7) If you would not recommend Durham Health to others, please explain why?


8) Are there any other services you would like to see available at Durham Health?

- Blood test facilities - All emergency bloods are taken at Durham Health, while routine bloods are undertaken at Southern Community Lab conveniently located on the High St.

- After hours x-ray facilities - This service is provided by another business and their hours of operation are out of our control.

- Emergency appointments - All emergencies are seen including acute accidents, this however may not be with the Dr of your choice.

- Dietician - This has been trialled at Durham Health, sadly it was not a viable option.

- Drinking water - The options for this are currently being looked into.