2015 Patient Survey

The 2015 surevy evaluated our phone system and How user friendly it was.


1. When you called Durham Health to make this appointment, how many times did you get a busy tone?

  • I didn't get a busy tone       66%
  • Once                                 14%
  • Twice                                 8%
  • Three or four times             8%
  • More than four times           6%
  • Can't remember                 Nil


2. Was your call answered promptly?

  • Yes, rang less than four times    80%
  • No, rang more tha four times     10%
  • Can't remember                        8%


3. If you were put on hold, did you have to wait more than two minutes before the receptionist came back on the line?

  • No, I didn't have to wait        34%
  • Yes, I had to wait more than two minutes   8%
  • I can't remember           2%
  • I was not put on hold     54%


4. If you were put on hold, were you asked if this was ok for you?

  • Yes          24%
  • No           4%
  • I can't remember     2%

5. Based on your telephone contacts with durham Health over the past few months, how easy has it been for you to do the following?

  • Make appointments  Very Difficult Nil, Difficult 6%, Easy 44%, Very Easy 42%
  • Get prescriptions       Very Difficult Nil, Difficult 6%, Easy 38%, Very Easy 24%
  • Get lab results         Very Difficult Nil, Difficult 6%, Easy 24%, Very Easy 22%
  • Talk to a Nurse        Very Difficult Nil, Difficult 16%, Easy 30%, Very Easy 24%
  • Talk to a Manager    Very Difficult Nil, Difficult Nil, Easy 12%, Very Easy 10%


Would you like to take this opportunity to advise us of anything we could change or do better?

  • "Staff are always very friendly and courteous. They apologisec when there are delays and make me feel like they are always doing their best. I am very happy with the care we receive"
  • "The receptionist are always very helpful"
  • "Great experience"
  • "24 hours to get a script repeated is too long. Nurses should be able to just print them out and a Doctor assigned to sign them all"
  • "Always a wonderful service, No improvements needed"
  • "Text reminders for appointments would be a very good idea"
  • "No problems, very happy with service"
  • "Keep up the great work"
  • "You're great"
  • "A direct second line or more staff, It can take a while to get through and then put on hold"

We thank you all for your feedback. We have started text to remind for appointments as this was already a work in progress for other reasons.

We would request all patients refer to our repeat perscription policy. We know it may appear the Doctor only presses the print button and it should be a 2 second job. This is not the case, the Doctor has to check the medication has not been changed by any other Doctor/Specialist since they last saw you and you are due for more medication. Nurses are not allowed to perscribe, it has to be a doctor and for some medications a doctor that knows you and has perscribed the medication before.

We have four direct lines. However at certain times of the day it wouldn't matter if we had 10 lines and 10 staff answering them there would still be delays. The front desk try their best to be has prompt as possible and do a great job under tremendous pressure at times.