Our online booking system is unavailable during COVID-19 Orange Level
Please call us to book your appointment 03 313 4659

Please call us instead of making an appointment online and speak to a nurse if you have any symptoms of cold/flu; fevers; sore throat; or recently travelled from abroad or have been in contact with someone in MIQ facility.

A standard consultation with the Doctor is 15 minutes and that is what our consult fee is based on. 

Please request a double appointment if you feel the doctor will not be able to meet your needs in a standard 15 minute appointment. Additional fees will apply, but you will get the service you require and assist us in running to time. Your first appointment slot will be charged at the subsidised rate and following 15minutes will be charged at a non-subsidised rate.  i.e. if you have a community services card you will be charged $19.50 plus $50 for an adult double appointment.  Please call us and check the cost with the front desk prior to booking.

We understand that your time is as precious as ours and how frustrating it can be to be kept waiting. We try our very best to run to time but sometimes this is just not possible.

Patients bringing in long lists, complex illnesses or serious issues can all take longer than 15 minutes. Emergencies such as admitting patients to hospital or patients who arrive acutely with no appointment can cause unforeseen delays.


Terms and Conditions for Online Bookings:
  • Only standard 15 minute Doctor appts can be booked online
  • Extended Doctor appts or procedures such as minor surgery need to be booked via phone or in person
  • Nurse appointments such as immunisations, smears, dressings etc. need to be booked via phone or in person
  • Only registered patients with Durham Health can book online
  • Patients with an outstanding account need to book via phone or in person
  • Please cancel your appointment by phoning us in plenty of time so we can re-book the appointment slot.  Re-occurring no-shows may be charged a fee as we are unable to re-book these appointments.
  • Re-occuring no-shows will need to book via phone or in person.