Immunisation Policy


1. To provide access for parents to appropriate information regarding immunisation issues and concerns.

2. To provide each enrolled child with the appropriate vaccinations as per NZ immunisation schedule.

3. To provide opportunistic vaccinations to casual patient children if given the opportunity.

4. To provide these vaccinations with the appropriate care and technique, as per the Immunisation Handbook of 2011.

To achieve this goal we will:

1. Notify parents/caregivers by mail and/or telephone that their child is due for vaccination.

2. If the child remains unvaccinated, this will be followed up after one month with two more contacts.

3. If the child remains unvaccinated after three attempts at contact and is under 4years of age the child's details shall be forwarded to the Immunisation Outreach Coordinator for ongoing followup.  Children over 4years will have a pop up alert put on their file to opportunistically vaccinate.  Individual exceptions may occur and these will be documented in the patient's notes.

4. At this stage the child's immunisation record will be entered on the computer as "non-responder" for that particular vaccination and the NIR informed of this.  This can be altered at any stage if and when the child is brought in to be immunised.  In the case of older children, the third recall will include a note to say the immunisation record will be filled out as a 'decline' for that vaccine, but this can be reversed by the child coming in to be immunised.

5. Parents will be encouraged to fully immunise their children.  However should a parent choose to selectively immunise their children they will be supported in this decision with the appropriate information and an adjusted schedule for the child.

6. Parents who wish to decline vaccinations for their child will be asked to complete and sign an "objection to immunise" form, and their immunisation schedule will be entered as decline and all recalls deleted.  An entry into the patient's notes will be made if this information is given by parents over the telephone. After this no further attempts at contact shall be made.


Auditing of enrolled children and specific groups of eligible people will be done at least quarterly.

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