Mirena Information

- Mirena is now available on presciption.

- Funding is available for insertion if criteria is met, otherwise a standard $210 fee applies.  Please speak to your Doctor or Nurse to see if you met this criteria.

- Mirena is a type of of intrauterine device (IUD), which releases a hormone slowly over 5 years.

- It is a very effective, reversible form of contraception (99.9% effective in preventing pregnancy) and in addition to this, most women will experience a reduction in menstrual blood flow over time. In some cases of heavy menstrual bleeding a subsidy can be obtained to cover the cost of the device.

- Further information on the Mirena IUD can be viewed at mirena.co.nz

- If you are considering the Mirena IUD, book an initial consultation with one of our specialists Doctors. This will involve a discussion about the Mirena along with its risks, benefits and any alternative options. An examination and tests to check for infection may also be performed. Following this, a 45 minute insertion appointment can be booked.

- Call 03 313 4659 to make an appointment