Policy on Email Contact


- To ensure all contact made via email is acknowledged.

- To ensure all front desk staff are trained in receiving emails and how to forward them on appropriately.

- To ensure a safe and auditable communication pathway.

Applies to all staff at Durham Health:

- No doctors personal emails are given to patients.

- All emails come via reception@durhamhealth.co.nz.

- Front desk staff forward the email to the doctor in question.  Also send a task to the doctors task bar informing them they have an email to read.  The email is copied and pasted into the patients records.

- The doctor acknowledges the email and replies back with their instructions to the front desk.

- The front desk staff responds to the patient

- The doctor will record their instructions in the patient's records

- If the email is considered to be of an urgent nature it should also be printed and given to the doctor to ensure appropriate timely intervention