Request a prescription

Repeat prescriptions are only available to patients registered at Durham Health. 

Repeat prescriptions for regular medications may be given at the doctor's discretion, where the patient's condition is stable and if the patient has seen the doctor within the last six months.

The purpose of the request form is to order a repeat prescription.  Please do not include any personal health details or sensitive information or concerns in the request submission; these concerns are to be dealt with by speaking directly to one of our practice nurses or making an appointment with your doctor.

Durham Health accepts no responsibility for privacy issues that arise with other people having access to the patient's email account. Email communication will only be used in association with a patient generated request and not as a routine method of communication and will include no personal or sensitive health information.

Durham Health reserves the right to terminate the email relationship with any patient that does not adhere to this user agreement.

Electronic Repeat Prescription Charges   


Please enter your details below to request a repeat prescription.

  • Please enter your date of birth in the format dd/mm/yyyy
  • Please give as much detail as possible.
  • Please note your prescription will be electronically sent to your above pharmacy unless you hear otherwise from your Doctor, once the electronic script is sent we are unable to change or amend. Please discuss with your pharmacy if changes need to be made.

    By submitting this repeat prescription request to be electronically sent to my pharmacy, i understand the charge of $20 will be invoiced to me to be paid on the day. Please allow 48 hours for your prescription to be processed by your Doctor.