Repeat Prescription Policy


The purpose of this policy is to set out a prescribing procedure that ensures that the prescriber can monitor usage and the effects of repeat medication and that the patient is offered regular medication reviews.

This policy is relevent to all employees and anyone who works at Durham Health.

The Process

Requests for repeat prescriptions may be received from the patient, their carer, district nurse, pharmacist or care home staff.

The practice should be confident that the person making the request has the patient's permission to do so.

Repeat prescriptions are never given to patients who are not known to the practice.

Repeat prescriptions for regular medications may be given at the doctors discretion, where the patient's condition is stable, and if the patient has seen the doctor within the last six to twelve months, depending on their condition.

Request can be made by a variety of methods:

  • In writing
  • By Fax 03 313 4658
  • Via our website by completing the online prescription request form
  • By telephone

It is preferable that requests are made in writing as they are more likely to be accurate and there is a reduced opportunity for errors and misunderstandings.

Repeat prescriptions will normally be ready for the patient to collect within 2 working days of the request being made (excluding weekends and public holidays). The doctors will text the patient when the prescription is ready to be picked up from Durham Health.

Requests for "all repeats" or just involving a description of medication should not be accepted and the patient should be contacted to clarify what exactly they are requesting.

If the doctor decides the request for a repeat prescription is not suitable, they will text the patient advising them they need to make an appointment this time.

The cost for this service is $20 unless it is clearly marked "no charge" by the prescribing doctor. Scripts faxed or posted through to pharmacies carry a charge of $25.

The completed script is put into the "pick up" box for collection by the patient or their representative.

Urgents Requests 

If a patient cannot get in to see the doctor prior to running out of medication and are not eligible for a repeat prescription -discuss with GP on duty.  A prescription of up to one month can be issued at the discretion of the doctor on duty. This will allow the patient enough time to make an appointment with their regualr GP.

Email Repeat Prescription Request

Durham Health provides an online electronic facility as an alternative to telephone access for patients wanting to request  repeat prescriptions. Only patients registered with Durham Health may request prescriptions via our website. Repeat prescriptions for regular medications may be given at the doctor's discretion, where the patient's condition is stable.

The primary purpose of email communication is to request a repeat prescription. No personal health details or sensitive information or concerns are to be included in the email communication; these concerns are to be dealt with by speaking directly to one of our practice nurses or making an appointment to see your doctor.

  • All prescription requests need to be completed on the online prescription request form.
  • Only one person's request per form please.

Durham Health accepts no responsibility for privacy issues that arise with other people having access to the patient's email account. Email communication will only be used in association with a patient generated request, and not as a routine method of communication, and will include no personal or sensitive health information.

Durham Health reserves the right to terminate the email relationship with any patient that does not adhere to this user agreement.

****** Please note: if you have an overdue account you will need to phone reception to order your prescription *****