Skin Checks

Derm Engine

Why choose to have a mole map with Derm Engine at Durham Health?

  • Kiwis love the outdoors. We enjoy sport,surf and scenery. We also work hard in the outdoors! Farmers, linesmen and labourers all spend many hours toiling away in the sunshine. Some of us burn easily and some of us don't, but all that time under the sun puts us at risk of skin cancers.

  • Your skin is always changing.
  • Melanoma is the most life-threatening of all skin cancers and it is hard to see with an untrained eye. Already used around the world, this intelligent dermatology software improves our ability to analyse moles, monitor them and record your skin health over the years to detect skin changes early.
  • With an ever growing and vast database of pictures from world experts to call on and compare against, this leading AI is able to help us give you that extra confidence in your diagnosis.
  • Skin cancer can occur at anytime and the risk increases as you age. On the upside, if its detected early, its almost always treatable. So, don't leave it to chance: book for your full body imaging today. In seconds, the AI will pinpoint every mole and detect any changes for expert review.

What is involved in your full body Imaging?

  • Head to toe skin check

  • Total body mapping (photography)
  • Imaging of significant moles for expert opinion and diagnosis.
  • Provides a baseline to compare skin changes
  • Designed for surveillance overtime
  • Advice on skin cancer prevention
  • Access to your personal skin record
  • No Referrral necessary


What does it cost?

Full Package $300 allow approximately 45-60 minutes

Follow up Imaging full body (photography only) $100


Additional costs if indicated:

Follow up with doctor for less tha 20 changes shown on imaging $100

Follow up with doctor for more than 20 changes shown on imaging $200


SKIN CHECKS (no photography)

Our resident skin specialist is Dr Terence Goh, who in 2017 completed both the Advanced Clinical Certificate of Dermoscopy (with distinction) and the Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine through the Skin Cancer College of Australasia. He is now an accredited Doctor with the Skin Cancer College and is looking forward to providing full skin checks and advice to the local commumity.

Skin Check for one or two areas of concern $85.00, no photography.

Full Skin Check $190.00, no photography.


Please phone the receptionist to book into a specialist skin clinic (do not book online for this service)