Skin Checks

Kiwis love the outdoors. We enjoy sport,surf ans scenery. We also work hard outdoors. farmers,linesmen and labourers all spend many hours toiling away in the sunshine. Some of us burn easily. Some of us don't. But all that time under the sun puts us at risk of skin cancers.

Slip, slop, slap has certainly helped reduce how many new skin cancers we see but we have to stay alert. New spots and changing spots can be a sign of something sinister developing, but it isn't always so easy to tell with just the naked eye if they really need to be removed.

Dermoscopy is a relatively recent development in which a doctor is able to analyse the patterns and colours of a mole with a Dermatoscope and come up with a diagnosis or at least a decision on whether it needs to be removed or not. Not every doctor has a Dermatoscope or the training to interpret what they see. On the bright side, many Doctors are starting to take up training to address this problem.

In 2017, Dr Terence Goh completed both the Advanced Clinical Certificate of Dermoscopy (with distinction) and the Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine through the Skin Cancer College of Australasia. He is now an accredited Doctor with the Skin Cancer College and is looking forward to providing full skin checks and advice to the local commumity.


Skin Check for one or two areas of concern $85.00

Full Skin Check $190.00