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If you have returned from overseas in the last 14 days or if you have any cold/flu/cough symptoms you MUST call us first, you can not turn up at our medical centre without calling first.

** Phone consultations are still the preferred option (these will be charged at normal rate)

** All bookings must be made via phone so our staff are aware of who is coming in (no online bookings)

** Our Drop In Clinic has been cancelled until further notice

** When arriving at surgery please do not enter the building until questioned by a staff member

As we prepare to enter Level 2 we are being advised that we must continue to manage crowding and contacts. For this reason we cannot yet return to 'business as usual' at Durham Health.

Any patient with respiratory symptoms will be denied access into the building until triaged by a nurse or doctor.

Please be respectful of the staff asking more questions than usual, this is for everyone's safety and well-being.

Bookings will be made for one person per appointment to ensure our contact tracing can be as effective as possible and limit the spread of infection. If required you will be allowed one support person / parent / caregiver.

When the appointment is for a child we ask parents/caregivers to ensure only the child to be seen enters the building. We acknowledge this won't be easy for everyone but ask that you try and source alternative care for your other children before putting them and others at risk.

Our waiting room will have drastically reduced seating. If you are allowed into the building you will be directed to a seat where you must remain until collected for your appointment. Small children will be required to sit on their caregivers knee and can not move around the practice/touch any surfaces.

Due to infection risk we will continue to have no magazines/books or childrens toys in the waiting room. Please bring your own entertainment for whilst you wait.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this is causing. These are exceptional events in extraordinary times and our team will do its best to meet your health needs.

Invoices sent out via email need to be paid ASAP via internet banking. Please include your name as a reference so we can correctly allocate funds. Payments should be made into the following bank account: 01-0877-0110812-00

Influenza Vaccines 

We are currently out of stock for child / adult vaccines. We have limited stock for under 3yr vaccines, please call for an appointment.

 For more information please click here 

Important COVID-19 Update

The dedicated Healthline COVID-19 number is 0800 358 5453

Durham Health have been busy planning for the winter season which is rapidly approaching and ensuring we keep up to date with the developments of Covid-19 / Coronavirus.

Our aim is to keep our staff, patients, and our wider community as healthy as possible throughout the season.

We will be following all Ministry of Health directives as well as our own updated internal policies to ensure we can manage throughout the winter season.

If you are unwell, to reduce spread to others, please do not enter the practice, instead please ring us and our fabulous reception and nursing teams will make a plan for you to be seen or give advise on treatment/s.

Now that we have flu vaccines in stock, GET VACCINATED - influenza and Coronavirus illnesses look very similar and anything we can do to reduce the burden of illness in the community is a good thing.

We will be making changes to the reception area to ensure patients and visitors remain 1m back from our staff. It is imperative that we keep our staff healthy to ensure we can continue to operate business as usual.

All the toys have been removed to ensure we keep children from passing on infection. 

We also request parents consider carefully before bringing their children to the clinic unless they are acutely unwell. If in doubt, call and speak to one of our nurses.

We want to keep ‘well’ people out of the practice as much as possible, to reduce your exposure to potential illnesses. Now (before winter is upon us) is a good time to get your medicines up to date. Make sure you know why you’re on each medication and that you have enough of it. We recommend making sure you have your repeat prescription requested or review appointment booked for when you have about TWO weeks of medications left.

Our goal is to ensure you remain as healthy as is possible this season and reduce your need to put yourself at risk. In order to help with this, we plan to increase the flexibility of our ‘Repeat Prescription Policy’ to prevent additional visits to the practice - especially for our elderly, frail and those with a known chronic health condition that makes them more vulnerable when the “bugs” start flowing. We will forward your script directly to your pharmacy of choice. Greg Knight of Rangiora Pharmacy has advised us he will not charge a delivery fee within the Rangiora area. We will also provide assistance with online payments to help facilitate this process.

We ask you play your part by staying home if unwell. Rest, call the nurse for advice if needed.

Let’s ensure that together we protect the weak and vulnerable in our communities by stopping the spread of infection.

For the latest information about COVID-19 you can use these links:

click here for the World Health Organisation updates

click here for the Ministry Of Health updates

Other helpful websites www.healthy.org.nz;  

DH Cosmetic Clinic

Durham Health has launched their cosmetic clinic, we will be offering Botox and Fillers initially - further information and how to book can be found here 

Derm Engine is now available at Durham Health

Already used around the world, this intelligent dermatology software improves our ability to analyse moles, monitor them and record your skin health over the years.

With an ever growing and vast database of pictures from world experts to call on and compare against, this world leading AI is able to help us give you that extra confidence in your diagnosis.

We can now also offer full body imaging with our Health Care Assistant's.  In seconds, the AI will pinpoint every mole an detect any changes for expert reveiw.  This is especially great for those who need that extra level of monitoring and reassurance.

Please click here for all the information.

Other News

Blood Test Clinics are available during the day, please discuss with the Receptionist or book online with the nurse.  A charge of $10 per test will apply. 

Skin Checks:  Are you at risk of skin cancer?

Dr Terence Goh has completed the Skin Cancer College of Australasia's Post Graduate Diploma in Dermoscopy that he received with distinction.

  •  15 minute appointment to check 1 or 2 areas of concern cost $85.00
  •  30 minute appointment to complete a full skin check cost $190.00

Acute Daily Drop in Clinic: 

We provide 2 drop in clinics daily to ensure those patients who feel they cannot wait for a routine appointment are seen. The clinics will run at 11am and 3pm daily. The 11am clinic is being created with priority for children under 6 years of age and for those whose parents feel they cannot wait until the end of the day for an appointment. These clinics are for acute sickness, not chronic disease management. You MUST make a routine appointment if you are not acutely unwell. Those with mental health issues especially cannot be serviced adequately in an acute drop in clinic setting.

The drop in clinics have been well received with the majority of patients being extremely grateful that we are taking their health seriously and ensuring access to a doctor or nurse on the day.

The clinics are run as a sit and wait clinic and you may see a doctor or nurse once triaged. Emergencies always take priority.

Policy on Cannabis based Products:

Durham Health has developed a policy on medicinal marijuana. The Doctors at Durham Health will NOT prescribe cannabis based products unless advised to by an appropriate specialist. The full policy can be read on our policies page.

Advance Care Planning:

Advance care planning is a way to help you think about, talk about and share your thoughts and wishes about your future health care. It is focusd on and involves both you and the health care professionals responsible for your care. it can also involve your whanau/family and/ carers if that is your wish. 

Now is the best time to consider taking part in advance care planning conservatuions before you become seriouslly unwell. Planning will help you, and those around you to understand what is important to you and what treatment and care you would like.You can set out what you want or hope for in an advance care plan. You should keep your plan up to date, especially if things change. Recording your choices or wishes is voluntary. It  will make it easier for those important to you and your healthcare providers to use this information to decide what treatment and care you would want if you are unable to tell them yourself.

Want to know more? Talk to your GP or Practice Nurse Tracey about the medical choices you might have in the future. Ask opur staff for a copy of the Advance Care Plan and Guide.

You can also find information by visiting www.advancecareplanning.org.nz

Saturday Clinic:

Saturday Clinic 9am to 12pm weekly.

Under 14 yr olds enrolled with Durham Health and Casual under 14yr old are now FREE.  For everyone else, this service is not subsidised and after-hours fees apply. Payment is on the day as per our standard accounts policy.

There are limited booked appointments for our enrolled patients, the service is run as a sit and wait clinic, emergencies will always take priority.


Gardasil Vaccination:

Changes to the National Vaccination schedule now mean that the Gardasil vaccinations are available to both boys and girls from the age of 9 years. The age range has also been extended to 27 years. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book an immunisation appointment.



Email Repeat Prescription Requests are now available via our website. Request will only be accepted by completing the online prescription request form. Please click on the Prescription page for further information.


Appointment Reminders

Due to an increasing number of patients who make appointments and "DO Not Attend" we have extended the text reminder service we have been utilising for results and accounts to appointments. All text go out approximately 2pm the day before your appointment. You do not have to call to confirm but we do request you call to cancel the appointment should you no longer require it. We have been over whelmed at times with demand for Doctors appointments. We want to ensure we can always fit in those acutely unwell and needing medical attention. It is really important everyone plays their part in cancelling appointments made and no longer required. Repeat offenders who DNA and do not let us know will be offered nurse triage appointments in the first instance. We would also like to remind everyone that we can charge for appointments not attended including those for the under 13's. To prevent this being the next step in managing the problem we respectfully request appointments only be made that are needed and cancelled in time for another person to utilise the slot. We appreciate emergencies happen and its not always possible to cancel in time.

Text reminders

Durham Health has been looking at ways we communicate with our patients. A recent survey shows us many of you would rather recieve emails and text messaging than letters. To this end we are trialling a friendly text message reminding patients when they have an outstanding account. The clinical team are also texting some results when it is deemed appropriate to do so. Please check we have your up to date cell phone number and email address when you're next in the clinic.

Patient Experience Survey

Our practice is participating in a national survey to find out what your experience with health care is like and how your overall care is managed.

Taking part is voluntary. You can say no.

If you take part,your responses will be anonymous and your privacy protected throughout. We will share your contact details, including email address and mobile number, only so that you may receive an invitation to complete the survey online.

By taking part in the survey,you would be helping to improve care and access to health services in local communities across New Zealand.

Please talk to a member of staff if you have any questions. Thank you.


The team at Durham Health strongly advocates and supports the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights. This ensures everyone is treated with respect regardless of their cultural differences, religion, social or ethnic grouping.

These basic human rights also carry to our very hardworking staff. The management will not tolerate any form of racist demeaning personal comments aimed at our staff.

If you feel unable to connect with a particular doctor it is your choice to request you do not see them again. You do not have the right to be abusive.

If you have a serious concern about the treatment you have received then we request you document it formally as per our complaints policy and forward to the practice manager.

Patients who cannot be respectful will be asked to enrol with another practice.