2014 Patient Survey

The 2014 Patient Survey was conducted to ensure Durham Health is meeting the needs of our patients with restricted mobility.

1) Do you have a physical disability?

89% Yes, 11% No

2) Do you require the assistance of a mobility aid?

89% Yes, 11% No

3) if Yes please identify: Mobility scooter, Wheelchair, Walking frame, other?

25% Mobility Scooter, 12.5% Wheelchair, 62.5% Walking frame

4) Do you find entering and exiting Durham Health easy?

100% Yes

5) Do you find accessing the doctors rooms easy?

100% Yes

6) Do you find the reception area accessible?

100% Yes

7) Have you used our disabled access toilet?

37.5% Yes

8) If yes was there enough space for you to use independently?

66.6% Yes, 33.3% No

9) Do you find the staff to be friendly and helpful?

100% Yes

10) What more can you tell us about your experience at Durham Health and how can we improve our service to you?

" Perfect"

"Everyone is very kind"

"Everyone is very kind and helpful"

"Would like a water cooler"