Services Available at Durham Health

In addition to General Practice care, including acute and chronic illness and accidents, we provide the following services to our enrolled patients:

  • Free Sexual Health Visits for under 21 year olds
  • Free Child immunisations
  • Free Palliative care visits
  • Free Packages of care acute illnesses

We also provide the following :

  • Mental Health extended consultations
  • Driving medicals
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Nursing services
  • Minor surgery
  • Vasectomy
  • Appointments for casual,non registered patients and visitors from overseas.
  • Aclasta Infusions
  • Acute Demand - management in our Observation Room
  • Jadelle insertion
  • Mirena insertion
  • Spirometry

Repeat Prescriptions

Any requests for a repeat prescription will be sent on to your Doctor who will decide whether you need to be seen or not.

In general if you have not been seen in the last six months you will need to make an appointment with the Doctor. This is a legal requirement.

In exceptional circumstances your Doctor may indicate in your records that six monthly reviews are appropriate and a repeat prescription may be issued without an appointment.

You can make a request for a repeat prescription via our online submission form

When making a request for a repeat prescription you must provide full details of the medications you require including names and doses. If you are not able to give details then you will need to book an appointment and see the Doctor.

Repeat prescriptions are never issued to patients who are unknown to the practice.

Requests for repeat prescriptions can be collected within 48 hours.

All prescriptions are to be collected by the patient from the surgery.  (In cases of difficulty with transport they may occasionally be faxed to a pharmacy, this service is usually reserved for the frail elderly.)

Please note : A minimum fee of $20.00 is charged for repeat prescriptions.


The Receptionists DO NOT have access to your results or medical files.

Your call will be put through to one of our Nurses or their answering machine and they will get back to you.

Results are normally available between 12pm - 3pm. They are available once the Doctors have seen and signed off the result.If you do not hear from us you can assume the results were normal. However, please contact us and make an appointment to see your doctor if your problem is not resolving and you require further investigation.

All abnormal results are followed up by the clinical staff who will either call or write to you with a plan of action.

Reports / Sickness Benefit Forms

If you require the Doctor to sign any forms for you there is a minimum charge of $10.00. If you are new to the practice you will need to make an appointment to see the doctor, they cannot sign forms for patients they have not seen.

Forms will not be released without payment.

Cervical Screening

The Nurses and Doctors do cervical smears. If you are unsure of the dates of your last smear or whether you require one, please talk to one of the Nurses who will be only too happy to help you.


All childhood immunisations are free. Please talk to one of our Nurses if you have any questions and or concerns.


All women aged between 45 and 69 are eligible for a free mammogram every two years. If you would like to be enrolled in this scheme please talk to one of the Nurses.

Travel Vaccinations

Our Doctors and nurses are able to help you with your travel vaccinations.

Please download a copy of our travel questionnaire and complete before attending your appointment.

A standard travel consult consists of a 30 min appointment with our travel specialist team. They will go through your immunisation history and travel vaccination requirements. The cost of this service is $85.  Vaccines ordered will incur an additional cost.

The appropriate vaccinations will then be ordered in specifically for your requirements. It is therefore advisable to book your consult at least 3 weeks prior to your date of travel.

Please note the following vaccinations are not available at Durham Health:

  • Rabies 
  • Yellow fever 
  • Japanese B Encephalitis 


We now have two fully trained nurses able to carry out spirometry here on-site. Spirometry is the most common of the lung function tests. These tests can provide your GP with useful information regarding your lungs, your breathing, and can also be used for pre-employment screening.

Patients can access spirometry at Durham Health through the Canterbury Initiative scheme (your GP will need to refer you for this), or you can self-fund the assessment.

Patients do not need to be registered with Durham Health to access this service. To make an appointment call 03 313 4659.

Waimakariri Surgical Clinic

Our specialist in house doctors here at DH are offering assessment and surgical management of moles and skin lesions as well as vasectomies, mirena insertions and ingrown toenail removal where indicated, on site here in Rangiora.

This service is available to anyone in Waimakariri or Christchurch area. You do not need to be enrolled with us. Please phone 03 313 4659 to book an appointment for initial assessment and plan for treatment as needed.

Fees for minor surgery start from $200 and may be covered by Health Insurance Policies in some cases. They include the costs of surgery, wound care advice and two follow up visits if needed.

Acute Demand

At Durham Health we have a fully equipped observation room with a bed and are able to give IV antibiotics, fluids and pain relief as needed. We also have oxygen, a heart monitor, nebulisers and a defibrillator. This is funded by the CDHB and allows us to act early to avoid hospital admissions. We aim to keep care in the community where possible.

Complementary and Allied Health Services

At Durham Health we aim to treat all patients holistically, as such we realise some patients choose to access complementary services with positive outcomes for themselves. Durham Health will be leasing room to Allied Health professionals and Complementary Therapists to allow for this demand in our community. These individuals are independent of Durham Health and we encourage all patients accessing these services to ensure they have a full understanding of the service they are embarking upon.

Durham Health accepts no liability for these services.

For further details please go to the Other Services page.