Introducing Our Staff

We encourage you to develop a relationship with one doctor in the interest of continuity of care.

Medical Students:

Durham Health is proud to be a teaching practice and on occasion have medical students sitting in with a Doctor.  You will always be informed if this is the case and you have the right to request their removal from your consult. 

GP Registrars:

This practice has been accredited by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners as a teaching practice for GP registrars. GP Registrars are doctors who have already completed at least 8 years of medical training and are going on to specialise in general practice. If you decide to consult with the registrar you are making an important contribution to the education of NZ doctors and we appreciate your support.

General Practitioners:

Dr Sandy Barr MBChB (Otago), FRNZCGP, Dip. Child Health, Dip. Obs

Dr Stephen Berryman MBChB (UK), FRNZCGP

Dr Alison Douglas MBChB (UK), FRNZCGP

Dr Terence Goh  MBChB (Otago),FRNZCGP

Dr Lika Rump MD (Germany)

Dr Angela Stewart MBChB (Otago), Dip. Child Health

Dr Nicky Van Der Hulst MBChB (Otago), FRNZCGP

Dr Kathryn Freer MBChB (Otago)

Dr Greta File MBChB (Otago)

Dr Stephen Brown (Clinical Diretor) MBChB (Otago), FRNZCGP, Dip. Obs.

The days and hours documented under each doctor are their "usual hours". All our doctors will occasionally change their hours to cover for other staff and practice requirements.

Practice Nurses:

Tracey W Practice Nurse Leader




Tracey R



Healthcare Assistants



Front Desk Staff:







Chantal Practice Manager

We have a firm foundation of staff.  As our numbers grow and services develop we will have some new faces to introduce to you. Please look out for updates in the local paper and our newsletter.